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Somerset Rail Park

The 34-acre NS TBT is a state-of-the-art facility integrating several modes of transportation designed to handle various bulk products from truck to railcar, railcar to truck with warehousing capabilities.

This facility allows customers to lower their transportation costs by offering alternate supply chain solutions. The terminal includes six unloading tracks capable of handling a total of 72 rail cars. Somerset is located adjacent to Norfolk Southern's Cincinnati, OH/Louisville KY to Chattanooga, TN mainline, just south of a classification yard at Danville, KY. Excellent rail service is available to the site, with available switching frequency of 5 days/week, Monday through Friday.

This completely paved facility includes a modern two-bay, 4,500 SF truck wash, with electronically operated roll up doors, and storage, shop, and treatment rooms; complete perimeter fencing with cantilevered sliding gate for rail and truck entry, safety and security is maintained via a 24-hour lighted terminal.

The terminal includes an 11-by-70 foot long digital truck scale. The facility has an onsite experienced Operator with the ability to perform various transloads utilizing state-of-the art transload equipment. The facility is an "open access" terminal allowing third party trucker access.